Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day train ride

So Bec and I took a train ride from Nashville to Watertown (podunk nowhere) TN. It had a planned murder mystery going on. Well the train was cool. Saw the tent city in Nashville. That's the homeless tent city under the interstates downtown. We did however see some nice country and spent 2 hrs in Watertown eating and shopping antique stores with wallets sewn shut. Fun trip, even if the murder story was simple and the acting, well, eh. Nice way to spend the day.

Sunday I went to middle of nowhere KY to meet some friends and go birdwatching. Fun day seeing some birds and hanging with some guys I don't see often. Long day though.

In 2 weeks, I'll be dying of heat exhaustion in sunny southwest Mexico. I'm leaving Friday Feb 27 and returning Thursday, March 5. I'm going for a meeting and the local conservation organization is paying. I may have to cover meals, but who cares, I'm going to Chiapas! A couple days of birding trips are built into the meeting, so we should get ample chances to bird watch. We won't get to the best places, but it'll be pretty cool. The main goal is for this meeting, but any chance to bird watch will be taken. Ashame I forgot most of my Spanish from my trip in September!

On a side note, I now have banded 152 different Mourning Doves in the yard since July. You think you see the same 10 birds everyday. Nope. You're wrong!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Half IM details

Part for Joe G to read and half for me records for future races:

Breakfast: starting about 2:45 before race start, 2 plain waffles, 1 cup Earl Grey tea with honey, 1 banana, most of a 32oz bottle gatorade, 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter.

In hour before race start: 2 Hammer gels and water. Felt satisfied, but not "full."

Swam 200m warmup from the swim finish over to the boat dock where we started. Solid warmup. Told myself repeated to "harden the F#ck up" and I did puke or gag even before the race. Most people had no warmup. I think maybe 10 of us got any warmup.

Out of water, jogged easy to transition. Took a long time to get everything going, but dry socks with baby powder in them went on nice and smooth. Feet stayed dry on bike. On bike I ate nothing until mile 5.5 where I took in first set of Enduralytes, then a GU. After mile 12 or so I started on the Clif Bar. Ate half in a few small bites. Puked in mouth a little. Put Clif bar away for 30 miles. I more enduralytes about mile 24. I also mixed in 2 more GU's and 2 sets of 3 Clif Blok blocks (Cola flavored). First 28 miles I think I did in 1:24 or so, I think I'd avg'd about 19.2, which means to avg 20.3 I smoke round 2 of the course. I felt good and went hard when I did. I lost the yellow spongee thing in the aerodrink bottle 4 miles into the bike. I forgot to set one of the rubber bands over the top of it at the start. Oops. Oh well.

At mile 28 turnaround, I wasted 90 sec to get bottles with my gatorade in them. I took my last enduralytes (I think I had 4 pills) at mile 45 or so. I grabbed a bottle of cold water at a water station at mile 44 (just chunked a bottle they gave me and grabbed one on the go). Used it to cool my head a couple times and hydrate. I ended up drinking about 4 24oz bottles gatorade, 1.5 bottles water. Never felt "full" nor thirsty. I guess my approach of going back to basics to get past nutrition problems worked.

I took my last GU on the bike with about 2-3 miles to go. I packed all my food trash in my aerobottle so I didn't have to empty pockets at transition. Feet out of shoes and hopped off cyclocross style. At T2 I was about 20 min ahead of plan. Sweet! I was off bike in 2:48 for 56.6 miles incl the 90 sec stop where I lost time.

T2: fairly good, put on sunscreen, grabbed some food, new socks, and was off. Bec took a bunch of picts of my in T1 and T2, but I was bending over in nearly all of them. No comments from the peanut gallery.

Started run feeling really good. Just drank water for first 1.5 miles, filled bottle with cold at first stop about 0.5 mi out. Mistake was to end up having only 1 bottle with water in transition. I needed 2/3 of it for getting grass/sand/rocks off my feet before the bike. Need 2 full bottles next time. Also, need to not hog all the sunscreen so wife is without and she doesn't get burned. The race folks had sunscreen to smear on for racer (and public I presume), but Bec didn't know. I feel bad about that.

I ran about 3 miles and started eating some Sports Beans. Tasted good. Worked down a package over first hour of run. I tried to hit the gatorade as often as possible, but I can't pound a cup or two without feeling bad. I did try an orange slice, but it was sour and I spit it out and chunked the rind in the woods. Awful!

I had an extra empty GU in my pocket after the run, so I think I ate 2 on the run, but don't remember. After running an hour with little food, I was getting nervous of the bonk. I evidently ate 2 GU's (incl my last Honey Stinger Chocolate, which is doper heaven). I also ate 2 cola clif bloks while walking in the shade when feeling like ass at mile 11. Then I ran well to the line. Half marathon was 2:01:45, or 9:18 miles (seems a little quick). They were supposed to have bananas on the bike, but had none, and the same with coke on the run. Oh well.

Mile paces, mostly correct with some late stoppages of the watch when I ran past the mile marker, also some miles I walked more then others and some I lost 20-25 sec for filling my bottle up. I walked a couple times up the hills between mile 2 and 6 and walked a lot between miles 9 and the start of 12. Pretty consistent for the most part.
1- 8:56
2- 9:27 (lots of short 8% hills between mile 2 and 6)
3- 8:58
4- 9:20
5- 9:23
6- 9:24
7- 7:44 (mostly down hill, plus ran to where Bec was watching)
8- 9:27
9- 9:54
10- 10:00
11- 11:16 (suffering bad in mile 10 and 11)
12- 8:16 (got my shit together, smiling, pumped I was finishing)
13.1- 9:49

I felt completely coherent and aware of everything until mile 10 when we were all walking a lot. I felt good last couple miles and held a coherent conversation with Bec after the finish. That was good in my book.

Couple notes: One guy in age group ran with headphone (penalized?). Bec said the announcer said first time penalty in a half IM is 4 min, then 16min for violation 2, then DQ. They also didn't enforce the wearing a shirt rule.

One of the first cyclists, who was very fast and I think 2nd or 3rd anyway, was told the wrong direction at some point on the bike and was 23 min ahead of the second rider. They didn't even have the mat ready for him. I do not know if he was DQ'd (riders should know the course) or just penalized.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday Sept 20

Had a good 1100yd swim in the am. Arms a little stiff, but swam confident and well.

In evening, met up with a couple for riding and a run. Rode TT bike in race gear. Rode 1 hr at 18mph, which was a good pace, then we ran 4 miles in 32 min. Ran a little fast, but felt good. Great motivation for Sunday. My buddy Norton told me I should do the half in 5:20. I laughed.

Friday is rest
Sat is a short 15-20min bike ride and a 30min walk with the wife. I'd liek to swim a little, but we'll see. Probably not bother. Weather looking to be about 87-90 degrees for the run. Joy.

Almost there!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Week before the half (Mon-Wed)

Monday: rest day, was in field all day, but I walked over 7k though.

Tues: Swam in am 1600 yds in a short ladder, felt good. Did cyclocross training with team in evening. On bike 1 hr total, but we did a lot of getting off the bike and hopping back on drills. Both hip flexors sore today. I didn't push it hard as a lt fo people crashed at some point.

Wed: Rode 30mi, on TT bike, a few big hills incl the 4 min climb, avg'd 19.0. felt good, didn't push it very often. very motivating as I'm a little wigging out this week. I tried the 2 samples of HEED that I had. Both good and tasty. Not sure I'll have any in the race, but I'm down with the Lemon-Lime and the Mandarin Orange (tastes like orange sherbert!!)

Thurs workouts will involve the pool, the bike, and the run.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sat and Sun Sept 15-16

One week till the half IM, so good taper.

Sat: morning rode 43 miles, great 2.5 hr loop, avg'd 18mph. I rode a road I'd only done once ever before, but I pass it all the time. Super hilly (going west), but I took it eastbound and it was nice. One end of the road is on a more heavily travelled road, hence I never ride the road. The views going east are fantastic. New favorite road. You can see for miles. Really worth going slower at a few places.

Built shelf systems, moved a ton of wood and nailed and screwed in a lot of screws and nails. Bit sore.

Sunday: Did a fantastic 1 hr run. HR monitor said I was anaerobic a lot, but I wasn't breathing hard and felt great. Ran about 7.0-7.2 miles, 8:15-8:25 miles? Cooler weather was great, didn't sweat to death, legs felt great after being a bit sore and heavy Saturday. Ate some Clif Bloks and tried some Sports Beans. Not too sweet, but good. I ate them when I was hurting some to try to mimic suffering 4 hrs into a race:) Will aim for some bloks and sports beans in the half IM run. Never thought I'd feel so great after an hour run, felt VERY short after the long runs over the last month.

Week of Sept 11-14

Plan was as expected in previous post. Basically good training workouts, same intensity, just shorter. Wed evening ride was a nice 31 miles with the dog that hit the rear wheel. I have since bought Halt.

Thursday was a rest day. Busy busy and a little tired, so I took it off.

Friday the 14th: Swam 1600m indoors, felt good, then ran on treadmill 30min. Quick double with a super long lunch hour, but Bec's friend came into town Thursday evening and I figured I wouldn't have time to run in the evening. I didn't so it was good I got in a 30min jog.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sept 8-10

Sat was the sprint tri, see results at:

and on the Somershoe family blog.

Sunday Sept 9th: felt crappy, stomach upset, but I managed to get out between rain showers and rode the Cross bike 21 miles, mostly on greenway. Avg'd 15mph (can't do much more with the knobbies). Legs felt pretty good, but didn't have a ton of power. Might have been the 25 lbs bike I was trying to pedal.

Monday Sept 10th: Last long run pre-half IM. Up early and ran 9.3 miles. Rained yesterday and it was 100% humidty this morning. Made it really, really hard. I ran for 1:20 (8:36 miles), but it was brutal. I rang out my shirt with ease and I poured no water on my head. I walked several times to try to get my HR down, which was really high even though I didn't think I was pushing it. Avg HR was 164 and ~60% of the run was anaerobic. Not good, but I just couldn't get my HR down after I ran a race pace mile (mi 3-4).

Plan for week: swim and ride Tues (probably riding cross bike for cross season).
Wed: evening ride with the boys (yes Joe, my new boys, thinking of suggesting we start a Yahoo groups list serve for the town as a lot of folks ride).
Thurs: swim and run
Fri? rest? We'll see.